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15KV Cable For Power Transmission

May 16,2022

A sensitive high frequency power transmission system require choice of 15kv cable, which could resist the corona discharge and avoid the trajectory of leak, for example, such as in underground oilfield pumping station, nuclear power plant. The cable is an important parts of high voltage system, which should be in good working condition to ensure the transporting of electrical energy from generating plants to the users safely and smoothly.

What is 15kv Cable?

15 KV cable is a high voltage cable used in medium and high voltage transmission system. The voltage rating of 15 KV is used for 220kv to 500 kv transmission line and 400kv to 800kv substation. 15 KV cable and 20kv cable are highly proven for their quality, performance and price. The widely used 15kv cables are manufactured by private industries such as HBL, NUPRI, HBL Power Cables, PELAC and many more. As there are many industries making the same product it is advised to go through the points of differentiation between them before choosing a reliable manufacturer for your projects.

Is 15kv Medium Voltage?

15kV can be seen as the medium voltage. There are no exact definition of the medium voltage in power distribution, so considering the higher voltage levels and the lower voltage levels, has to be done in accordance with national standards or regulations and industry practices. 15 KV is one of the most common high voltage cables in power transmission system as well as overhead distribution system because it is considered as a medium voltage cable dealing with certain voltage threshold.

15kv cable size

15 kV cable is a type of high voltage cable used for transmission and distribution of electricity. It consists of two layers, each with three or four wires. The outer layer has two conductors and the inner layer has one conductor. Each conductor is made up of two wires twisted together.

15kV is a standard voltage used for high-power transmission lines. This is equal to 15,000 volts and it is used to transmit large amounts of power over long distances. The cables are usually used in conjunction with transformers that reduce the voltage from 15kV down to 1000 volts or below so that they can be distributed safely to homes and businesses without creating a shock hazard.

The most common type of 15kV cables are aluminum (Al) conductors with an overall steel wire armor shield and an aluminum tape armor shield on each conductor. This type of cable is commonly referred as Type 15kV Armored Cable (American Conference Standard). In this case, 4 stands for the number of conductors in this cable and 0 refers to the gauge size (see below).50mm2 cable, 95mm2 cable,120mm2 cable etc.

Where to buy 15kv cable?

Buy 15kv cable from zw cable and get the best quality of cable at reasonable price. The 15kv cable is available in different specifications as per the requirement of the customers. The cable is made of high-quality material which makes it durable and reliable. The price of this cable is quite reasonable and quite affordable for all.

This type of cable is used to transfer high-voltage electricity from one location to another. It can also be used for different purposes like electric vehicles, transformers and many more. The 15kv cable has been made by using superior quality materials that provide excellent insulation against heat, moisture, oil etc. This type of wire is very much resistant to oxidation and provides long life span to the users.

The 15kv cable is available with us in different types such as single core, and 3 core cables. These cables are available at reasonable prices so that everyone can afford them easily without any issues. If you want to know 15kv cable price per foot just contact us.

what is the ampacity of 15kv cable?

If the voltage is 15,000 volts and not more than 25,000 volts, two conductors are needed in the cable. If there is a ground wire, it is included in the ampacity calculation. If there is no ground wire and the voltage exceeds 15,000 volts, three conductors are needed.

15kV cables are required to have an ampacity of at least 200 Amps. This means that in a cable with one conductor, there must be 200A available if the voltage is 15kV or less. If the voltage exceeds 15kV then each conductor must carry at least 100A. As long as all of these criteria are met then a single phase 15kV circuit will be able to handle up to about 1000 amps (3-4 times that for a 3 phase circuit).

If you have a single phase 15kV circuit and you need to know how much current it can supply, just look at the load side of the panelboard where the circuit comes out. The circuit breaker will have an indication of how much current it can handle (usually on the size of wire that it can handle). That should be all you need to know.

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