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15kv medium voltage cable

Jun 3,2022

15kV medium voltage cable is very important for transmission lines and distribution lines of different levels in the electric power system, it is a major part of transmission and distribution projects. The main use of 15KV medium voltage cable is the transport of electricity from high-voltage to low-voltage. It is also used to collect power from generators to substations or other power devices, and then be distributed to users.

What is a 15kV medium voltage cable?

15kv medium voltage cable

15kV medium voltage cable is commonly specified for industry cables, including construction, and mining cables, manufactured in accordance with IEC, GB, and BS. It can be used for the power supply of a 15kV high tension system. The 15kv medium voltage cable shall be made entirely of copper conductors, stranded or solid core, or a combination thereof. The insulation material shall be rated as suitable for use at 15kV. The conductor insulation shall have a voltage rating of 15kV and withstand a temperature rise at the maximum operating temperature under normal conditions of use without dangerous breakdown. The 15kv medium voltage cable is suitable for continuous operation (subject to normal precautions) at temperatures up to 90°C.

The 15kv medium voltage cable may have either a PVC or XLPE outer sheath which shall be either black or brown depending on the country of manufacture. Conductor sizes from 3x 25mm2 up to 3 x 400mm2 are available with an operating temperature range up to 90°C for outdoor installations.

What is 15kv medium voltage cable ampacity?

The amperage of the 15kv cable is determined by the type of cable.

The ampacity rating of a cable is based upon the temperature rise and length of the conductor. The maximum current that can be safely carried by the conductor depends on its length, cross-sectional area, and ambient temperature.

15kv medium voltage cables are designed to carry currents up to a certain level without exceeding the maximum allowable temperature rise (MAST) at any point along its length. 15kv medium voltage cable that exceeds this limit may overheat, which can result in failure or fire. The maximum allowable temperature rise is determined by the type of insulation used for each voltage level.

Amperage for 15kv medium voltage cable

15kV cables are rated at 10 amperes per foot for copper conductors up to 200 feet long. For aluminum conductors, 15kv medium voltage cable has a maximum current rating of 6 amperes per foot for lengths up to 125 feet long.

15kV Cable price per foot

The price of 15kv medium voltage cable is based on the price of copper. Copper prices go up, prices go up, copper prices go down, and prices go down. The larger the square number, the higher the price of the 15kv medium voltage cable.

The price of 15kv medium voltage cable per foot is $0.99 per foot (about $9 per meter). However, this is only a guideline and can vary significantly depending on whether you are buying from an electrical wholesaler or directly from a manufacturer and your location in relation to where they are located.

The following factors will affect the price:

Your location: If you live close to where it is made then it will be cheaper because there are less transportation costs involved and also less time wasted traveling to and from work every day.

How much material you need: If you only need a small amount then it will be cheaper than if you need 100s or 1000s of meters of  15kv medium voltage cable at once (unless you get lucky with bulk discounts).

What type of medium voltage cables insulation do they use? Is it PVC or XLPE? What color insulation do they use? Do they have a custom color or customized length? These are all questions that can affect how much they charge for their product。

Where to buy 15kv medium voltage cable?

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