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3 Beneficial Uses for Medium Voltage Underground Cable

May 27,2022

Medium voltage underground cable is a three-phase AC voltage insulated cable. This cable incorporates more than one electric conductor, usually two or three. In contrast, the power transmission and the cables that are mostly used in the substations are all single phases. Also, the conductors in an underground cable are insulated by PVC insulation which makes it more suitable for indoor use as it features anti-drip characteristics.

What is Medium voltage underground cable?

The medium voltage underground cable is the power distribution of the high-voltage electric power system, which is composed of one or more conductors and insulated with multiple layers of insulation to form a cable. The medium voltage underground cable can be divided into three categories:

1. Underground medium voltage cables belong to the power transmission and distribution system. They are mainly used for transmission and distribution of low and medium voltage electricity in rural areas, mines, factories, cities and towns.

2. Underground high-voltage cables belong to the national grid level transmission and distribution system. They are mainly used for transmitting large quantities of electricity with high efficiency from generation units to consumers via long distances at high voltages under ground pressure conditions. They include UHV cable (UHV) and UHVDC cable (UHVDC).

3. Medium voltage cables belong to the national grid level electricity supply and distribution systems after transforming into low-voltage AC electricity by transformers; they are mainly used for supplying DC current or three-phase AC current with low voltage household electrical appliances such as lighting equipment, heating equipment, air conditioning equipment etc., which are beyond 15KV

medium voltage underground cable

Where is Medium voltage underground cable used?

Medium voltage underground cable is widely used in modern city power grid construction.

A medium voltage wire is used to transmit electricity in the form of alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). It transmits electrical energy from power plants to consumers and other industrial users, as well as between two points in a power grid.

The medium voltage underground cable was invented by Albert Baranov, who was born in 1869. He also created other devices such as the first electric lamp with a tungsten filament and a portable battery with dry cells that were later used by Samuel Colt in his revolver design.

A medium voltage underground cable consists of two conductors enclosed in an insulating material such as rubber or plastic, which are then covered with another layer of insulation that can be made from paper or glass fiber tape. The insulating material usually has a defined temperature limit so that it doesn’t melt or burn when exposed to high temperatures.

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Medium Voltage Underground Cable is used for the transmission and distribution of medium voltage electricity in power plants and substations. It has been widely used in the fields of hydropower, thermal power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation, petroleum and natural gas extraction, steelmaking and other industries.

Medium Voltage Underground Cable consists of conductor, insulation, and sheath made by heat resistant compound materials which will be produced by extrusion process. The conductor is a copper conductor which is insulated by the XLPE insulation layer with various cross-sections such as single-core, multi-cores or concentric cores, etc., The sheath is made of PE material with different thicknesses depending on different conditions such as burial depth, temperature, etc..

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