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The Benefit of MV Power Cable

May 25,2022

MV power cable (also known as MV cable) is a product of a power supply system by inserting the auxiliary active device into the primary circuit, consisting of MV cable and MV cable connector. Without it, the MV generator has no function of changing input voltage to output voltage, and cannot realize the transformation between high and low voltage. Therefore, MV cable plays an indispensable role in MV generator operation.

What is MV Power Cable meaning?

MV Power Cable is a category defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as having a voltage rating of above 1kV up to 100kV.

The most common application for these cables is for industrial applications where there is an increased need for power transmission.

MV Power Cables are available in both single-core and multi-core versions. The most common types of conductors used in multi-core MV power cables are copper and aluminum, although other conductors such as copper-clad steel or aluminum-clad steel are also available. The insulation used on these cables must be fire retardant and must have excellent dielectric properties at operating temperatures.

MV Power Cables typically have a high current carrying capacity and may be exposed to harsh environments such as corrosive atmospheres or mechanical damage due to vibrations or impacts during installation or operation.

mv power cable

What is mv power cable used for?

MV power cables are commonly used in mobile substation equipment, for distribution of power in industrial settings and in mining to supply power to drills, shovels, haulers, etc.

It is also used for process heating. The cable can be used for direct burial or overhead applications.

The MV power cables can be made of different types of insulation materials such as EPR (electrically-resistant polyethylene) or XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene). Depending on your application requirements and the environment you need to install the cables in, you should choose the appropriate cable type.

The most common insulation material used today is XLPE because it has good mechanical strength and electrical properties that make it highly resistant to oil, moisture and chemicals. It also has a high-temperature resistance so it can be used under high-temperature conditions without any problems.

Types of medium voltage cables

Single-core cable: This type of mv power cable is made up of one wire conductor. It is used in lighting and appliance cords, and in medium-voltage applications, such as home intercom systems and doorbells.

3-core cable: This type of medium power cable consists of three conductors that are insulated from each other by a layer of plastic insulation. The three conductors are usually twisted together to prevent interference with radio waves. Three-core cables are commonly used for high-voltage power lines because they can transport large amounts of power over long distances without overheating.

Copper Conductor: Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electrical signals, making it ideal for use in mv power cables. Copper conducts electricity better than most metals and has relatively low resistance compared to other metals; however, it can be corroded by acidic or alkaline environments. For the long term, we recommend choosing copper for  mv 105 power cable.

Aluminum Conductor: Aluminum has lower electrical resistance than copper, which means it doesn’t require thick layers of insulation to prevent overheating; however, aluminum cables cost more than copper ones because they’re harder to manufacture. zwcables can offer 5kv cable, 10kv cable, 36kv etc.

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